A Firm Foundation

Dion's addiction led him down a dark, destructive path.  He needed to be steered in a new direction, and he needed a firm foundation on which he could build a new life. 
"That's what Cedar House gave me.  It gave me the tools I needed to build a foundation on cement not on dirt.  It gave me the tools I needed to be a better brother, a better uncle, a better employee, and a better human being in general.  That's something I'll always be grateful for." A county van dropped Dion off at Cedar House on May 26, 2011, and he claims that at that point he was "truly brought from the ashes" to where he is today.  Dion says that he knew he had a choice to make.  He could continue on the path he was on and die, or he could live with freedom in his life again.

When he arrived at Cedar House, he made the decision to take advantage of everything they had to offer.  He battled his instinct to "know it all" and instead chose to open his mind to the possibil…

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