Rippling Waves of Change

Sometimes we need a true scare to realize how urgently we need to change our lives.  For Cedar House graduate Daniel C., that scare came in the form of excruciating pain in his side that sent him to the ER. There, he learned that ten years of continuous alcohol abuse had caused his liver to enlarge. Realizing at that point the dangerous toll his addiction had taken on his health, Daniel knew he needed to change his life.

"I knew I needed help. That was the day I got on the wait list for Cedar House."
Until that point, Daniel had several attempts and failures to quit drinking, bouncing around renting rooms and being evicted because of his alcohol abuse. He knew his body couldn't withstand his drinking much longer and felt such relief when, on his 29th birthday in March 2018, he received a phone call informing him that a bed in Cedar House's Withdrawal Management Program was available for him.

"I went in the next morning, March 14, shaking uncontrollably so much s…

A Message of Hope

Witnessing Transformation

Understanding the Condition

A Mother's Love

Growing Up in a World of Addiction

A Poet's View

Unbreakable Strength

A Total Life Change

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