Unbreakable Strength

Kurt has had an emotional day.  It began with the difficult task of burying his grandmother.  As the only grandchild, he knew it was his responsibility to see to it that she had a proper send-off. This inevitable part of life – saying a final goodbye to the ones we love – is challenging for anyone.  But it’s especially challenging for Kurt.
After years of struggling with drug addiction, Kurt came to Cedar House in July seeking a total life change.  His experience here has been exceptionally powerful.  He has an indescribable respect for the staff and clients of Cedar House.
“I have no family, but these fellas here…”
When he got up this morning, Kurt searched for the strength to manage the day ahead of him.  He feared that leaving Cedar House and attending this funeral would be the end of his newfound sobriety.  But his case manager felt confident that he could handle it, and the band of brothers he’s found here at Cedar House encouraged him to put on his suit and take on the challenge.
“I came back. I wouldn’t let Cedar House down."
If there was any doubt that Kurt has rehabilitated his life, he proved the doubters, himself included, wrong.  He feels a huge debt of gratitude for the Cedar House staff.  He knows that it was their limitless dedication to his recovery that got him where he is today.  
When he came to Cedar House, Kurt learned he had a double hernia that would require surgery.  Kurt’s case manager made it his top priority to get him healthy all around, and arranged for this surgery during his time here.
“Cedar House has worked a lot to help me stay sober and own my own business as a welder.”
Today, Kurt is sober. He’s healthy.  And he’s confident that he can take on the challenges life will hand him because his Cedar House family will always have his back.  He has overcome so much and looks forward to the clean, sober life ahead of him.  
“I see that there is hope for people like me who want to change their lives and get sober.”
Cedar House gave him hope, and Kurt is just the kind of guy who will pay it forward.

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