A Message of Hope

When Daniel looks back on his stay at Cedar House in 1998, he remembers love, support and encouragement to trust in recovery.  He recalls,
"With the tools and resources I got from Cedar House, I walked out with power, excited to share the message of HOPE to those who struggle with addiction."
Daniel admits he was initially afraid to enter the front doors of Cedar House.  He felt uncertain about his treatment plan and insecure about his ability to recover.  Then he met the staff member who would do his intake.  That Cedar House employee expressed that he too had been on a destructive path and had been through treatment.  Seeing that it was possible to gain sobriety, find work and change your life gave Daniel some solace in beginning his own treatment.
"I felt like I was in good hands."
He remembers feeling his fear subside as the staff showed him ways to become comfortable with sharing.  He found a freedom from his past as he shared and began to discover his faith.
"Cedar House gave me the love and support I needed to open and share my heart with others about my own personal recovery."
As he read through the AA Big Book and NA literature, he was also encouraged to keep reading and exploring his faith.  In doing so, he found great joy in sobriety.

Since his recovery began twenty years ago, Daniel has stayed involved in his church and in recovery groups, sharing his message of hope to all who suffer. He has shared the tools that he learned at Cedar House and the encouragement that he received.
"I am truly grateful today to have entered that big door in the front that looked so scary.  Behind it was nothing but LOVE waiting for me. Thank you Cedar House for my recovery that brought life back to me."