A Total Life Change

          For Melody, Cedar House truly is a "life change center" because that's exactly what she received here.  Since she was a young 14-year-old girl, Melody had been addicted to drugs.  She experimented with every kind of drug she came across, and, in turn, they became a part of her life that she couldn't escape.
"I wanted to die.  I was hopeless.  I couldn't go on living that way, but I couldn't stop."
          Fortunately, Melody found Cedar House, and her life began to change.  The groups and classes she attended gave her a new perspective, and she began to see clearly that things could get better.  She's been sober for many years, and, considering where she started, Melody claims:
"That's a miracle!"
          Now, Melody has a loving, supportive family and has been a Cedar House employee for several years.  With her warm personality, caring spirit and inspiring story, she is able to offer hope and comfort to our clients.
"Things have changed tremendously because Cedar House showed me how to live drug and alcohol free."
          The proven methods of Cedar House change lives every day.  Be a part of the change for people like Melody who are suffering in our community.  With your support, we can grow our community stronger together. Visit our website and like us on Facebook to learn more about Cedar House!