Maple House Blessings

Welcome to our Cedar House Life Change Center BLOG!  Success stories truly bring to life what it means to GROW WITH US!  Because of the caring staff and proven treatment methods of our Maple House Program, Michelle was empowered to grow into the mother she always wanted to be.

        Michelle was an intravenous meth user for 15 years.  When her 15-month-old son was placed in foster care, Michelle struggled with the CPS case while pregnant with her second child.  She just wanted her son back. So she agreed to come to Cedar House with no intention to truly stay clean.  Michelle's baby was born one week after she entered residential treatment at Maple House, and she was able to bring him to live with her there. This is when she began to have a change of heart and mind.  After just three months in treatment, Michelle was reunited with her toddler as well.   
"This was a challenge for me because my son was a toddler, and we didn’t have a mother-son bond. I had to build a relationship with him while also taking care of an infant. While at Maple House, the staff taught me the skills I needed to be a nurturing and loving mother." 
       She stayed at Maple House for six months before transitioning to sober living where she continued outpatient treatment. After that, she returned to school and obtained her GED and Associate’s Degree. For the past 10 years, she has been working at a treatment center where she can give back the loving support and guidance that was given to her.
"Maple House has truly blessed my family, and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for them showing me a better way to live." 
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